SME Finance: Respect to SOFT4Leasing!

Data: 2023.10.19

We’ve talked to Tomas Šūmakaris about the experience working with SOFT4 team and heard great things we wanted to share with you. First things first a little bit about  SME Finance:

SME Finance is financing small and medium companies in the Baltics and expanding our business to Finland and the Netherlands. SME companies generate around 70% of each GDP, but this segment is struggling with receiving financing – so we aim to help them. More about SME Finance:

SOFT4Leasing customer since: 2020

Financial products managed within SOFT4Leasing:

Financial lease, operational lease, loans.

Reason to search for new leasing software:

Leasing is a difficult product from an accounting and process perspective, so we were searching for a reliable partner who could provide well-developed and easy-to-use leasing software with the possibility to scale through countries. Different integrations, automatic processes, and easy accounting – that is what we were looking for.

Why SOFT4Leasing?

SOFT4 is a well-known global company with a great attitude to customers and a good team of professionals. All our development wishes are serviced in a quick and precise way; it’s easy to communicate and plan future development. Respect to SOFT4Leasing!

With the help of SOFT4Leasing, we launched a leasing product in 4 months. That was impressive because it included fancy processes such as – online calculators/applications, Central bank reporting, full accounting processing for a few SPVs (“special purpose vehicles”), and so on.

Anything SOFT4Leasing could be better at?

Capacity planning – sometimes, it takes longer to go live for quick new releases. Pricing could be more user-friendly, too – especially when you calculate all business cases for 5-10 years.

In general, all is good with a support team; just when we are developing something new, we are expecting some issues, but when the company operates, all problems have to disappear immediately, and that is not easy to manage.

Your wish to the SOFT4Leasing team on our product’s 20th anniversary:

My wish for you is not to lose focus on employees in the long run. Experienced team members are valuable. It is not the AI or software that will be running the businesses in the future but the professionals who take care of that AI or software; therefore, I wish SOFT4Leasing to involve team members in your journey and keep believing in what you are doing. I think you are doing it in the right way! Best of success to all of you.