Make More Accurate Credit Decisions

Stay ahead of the competition with fast and unbiased credit decision-making using SOFT4Leasing’s Credit Scoring Automation and Decision Tree feature, allowing for auto-approvals and declines based on configurable business rules and improving your leasing business’ ‘Time-to-decision’ KPI.

Credit Decisioning Process Management

Approve or decline an application based on unbiased information fast. With Delegated Lending Authority setup, and Control of Officer Authorization, credit decisions can be taken based on a customer’s current exposure and amount of new credit; customer rating and balloon value can also be considered, and there are separate authorizations for initial approval/decline, loan variations, and write-off to the loss account. This functionality can be extended with Credit Line, Scoring Automation, Decision Automation, and other features.

Credit risk managers will highly benefit from using an internal credit score based on the applicant, application details, and external credit bureau file; using credit decisions: application auto-approve, auto-decline, based on configurable business rules (Decision Tree). The Decision Tree is a set of highly configurable business rules based on any information available (attributes of applicant, asset, application, and originator).

Credit Scoring Automation

Living during the times when customers want everything here and now, one of your leasing business advantages could be faster than your competitors’ “Time-to-decision” process. With SOFT4Leasing credit scoring functionality, you could improve your business’ “Time-to-decision” KPI, using effective credit rating and credit decision workflow.

Credit scoring is a vital part in leasing process management, as it aims to ease lending decisions to lenders. Use credit scoring system to automate the customer credit score calculation and set credit rating. Use highly configurable Scorecard. The score can be dependent on any attribute of applicant, asset, and application.

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