Sign and Manage Your Lease Contracts with Ease

Sign and manage your lease contracts with ease using our platform’s eSignature functionality and contract management process. With features like managing master contracts, collection and overdue management, and securitization and borrowings, you can streamline your leasing operations and keep track of all your financial transactions in one place.


Sign lease agreements/credit contracts and other related documents (direct debit mandate, etc.) electronically. The functionality allows for multiple signers (borrower, co-borrower, guarantors, lessor), thus adjusting the signing process to the leasing company's needs.

Standard out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign and OneSpan is available. Other local e-signature providers can be integrated to, too.

Contract Management Process

Once the contract is active, the system creates payables to all the suppliers and receivable for the customer so you can invoice them on the scheduled days and collect periodic instalments. On active contract you can keep track of its balance, net receivables, and current receivables. The system automatically accrues interest.

Installment invoicing can be run automatically or manually for one particular contract or a batch of contracts. SOFT4Leasing can also aggregate invoices per customer if the customer has multiple contracts.

On the contact card, you can see the Pay-out information for the current contract balance at any point in time, and you can issue an Early Pay-out quote if your customer asks for it. The system allows the deferment of payments, rescheduling, or shortfalls in the contract. Such action can also be executed with the support of configurable workflows.

Managing the Master Contract

Master contract allows you to:
• Approve credit limits
• Mass-deliver new assets in multiple phases
• Combine all charges on one invoice, if needed.
Master Contract has typically used in Full-Service Lease, Fleet Management scenarios.

Collection and Overdue Management

Customers with debts are managed through a collection worksheet, where officers track the collection actions. The system can automatically calculate the penalty if your customer has an overdue payment. On active contract you can navigate to the General Ledger and see all the postings related to the contract and see General Ledger balances per contract.

In light of business scenarios, the Collection Management module can replace the CRM system to interact with delinquent customers. It allows you to monitor delinquent accounts (e.g., customers with overdue installments), take actions, and log them into the system (e.g., call the customer, log promise to pay, follow up call if the promise is broken).

Securitization & Borrowings

The Securitization module has a set of functions for “sale of receivables” or “securitization” process management. This solution allows for multiple funders/trusts: 1) manage Funder’s master records, 2) sell/un-sell batches, with the sales price calculation based on the current value of the receivable, 3) Funder collections function, to remit payments collected from customers, 4) global dimension in G/L to segregate balances per Funder.
When the leasing company takes long-term loans from the bank, the system functionality enables a link between the funding source and the lease contract and enables cost of funds and interest margin calculation.

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