Enjoy Novated Lease Management

Benefit from streamlined processes, complete audit trails, and easy-to-use functions that allow you to novate and re-novate your lease and handle notice periods and scheduled payments. Join the growing number of customers worldwide, enjoying the benefits of novated lease arrangements.

Novated Lease Management

According to SBS, one in five new cars sold in Australia in the past few years was sold under a novated lease arrangement. In a salary packaged novated lease, an employee leases a motor vehicle and the employer agrees to take on the obligations of making the lease payments in which, – the lease is novated. The employee continues to use the car. The salary-packaged novated lease is beneficial to both employees and employers, and more finance companies in different countries are willing to provide novated lease arrangements to their customers.

The Novated Lease module allows a quick assessment of benefits by comparing Salary Packaged vs. non-Packaged leases. Benefit from easy-to-use functions, high level of process automation, and complete audit trial. You can novate and re-novate the lease, view novation history, handle notice periods and scheduled novation and provide benefit calculations for your prospective customers.