Make Confident Decisions with SOFT4Leasing Reporting Suite

With SOFT4Leasing Reporting Suite, you can make confident decisions for your leasing business by analyzing comprehensive business metrics in near-real time, including sales, portfolio trends, revenue, arrears, and operational KPIs. Whether you’re a data analysis pro or just starting out, the suite offers customizable views and easy export to Excel for deeper insights and integration into your data warehouse.

Reporting suite

Analyze your leasing business results and processes using Soft4Leasing Reporting Suite, based on the powerful Microsoft platform for data analysis – Microsoft Power BI.
Business agility is the key to keeping up with today’s ever-changing world, so SOFT4Leasing Reporting Suite provides comprehensive business metrics in near-real time to support more insightful and agile decision-making.
SOFT4Leasing standard reporting suite will help your business to gain deeper insights on:
• Sales: Discover early signs of increase or decline in your application flow, see long-term business trends, compare to previous periods, do forecasts, and track business performance and goals.
• Current Portfolio: Observe financial asset trends and revenues; forecast future portfolio.
• Revenue: Gain insight into profitability, forecast future revenue, and slice revenue by financial product and other dimensions.
• Arrears: Detect early increase in delinquencies and take corrective actions.
• Operational KPIs: Track application conversion rate to see an early indication of slow-down or speed-up sales.
Not ready for sophisticated analysis tools? No problem. You can always filter information within SOFT4Leasing, creating your own views for faster information access. Or export any data to Excel and analyze it further using Pivot Tables. Integration into your data warehouse is also possible.

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