Improve Your Customer Experience with Self-Service Portals

Improve your customer experience with SOFT4Leasing’s self-service portals. With the Sales Portal, equipment dealers, finance brokers, and salespeople can easily introduce deals and submit applications. At the same time, the Customer Self-Service Portal allows customers to access their contracts, invoices, and document templates conveniently and communicate with you seamlessly.

Sales Portal

When it comes to sales, it is important to have as many sales channels as possible. Would the idea of a vast dealers and brokers network sound good to you? With the SOFT4Leasing Sales portal, your originators will have no headaches when it comes to introducing their deals to you.
SOFT4Leasing Sales portal enables your agents – Equipment Dealers, Finance Brokers, and Salespeople – to introduce deals via Web Portal. Introducer can make quotes for lease customers, fill in credit/lease applications online and submit them to the finance company for approval.
As Independent finance brokers choose the best financing options for their clients, they also consider their own welfare and would always choose the leasing and asset finance company that offers the best commission rate and… least headache when it comes to introducing their deals to the financier.
Once approved, the originators can print the contract, get it signed, upload the document package on the web portal, and submit them for activation and settlement. Dealer or broker can use their customer database (this will reduce data entry when an existing customer applies again), can keep track of the application process, see settled contracts and see the introducer activity report. SOFT4Leasing Sales portal allows for master records of equipment dealers, finance brokers, and any other parties who introduce new lease applications. Multi-branding, a grouping of dealers, dealer authorization, and several other related functionalities are possible within the system.

Customer Self-Service Portal

The SOFT4Leasing Customer Self-Service Portal allows saving time and serves your customers faster and at a time convenient for them. It also saves your team time on low-value tasks, such as sending information via email.
In the portal, your customer can view the following:
• Their list of contracts and each contract, including information regarding the Asset List, Instalment list, and ability to download it.
• Invoices. The page includes invoices ordered by date. There is an option to download the selected invoice.
• Document Templates. The page provides available document templates, which can be configured in SOFT4Leasing. The user can download the template needed.
Next, you can communicate with your customers easily, sending them messages from SOFT4Leasing to the portal. You can also promote your business or specific services to your customers using a center-displayed marketing banner.

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