Tailor the System to Cater Your Specific Needs

SOFT4Leasing offers a highly configurable financial products system that caters to all main leasing concepts. It has flexible workflows, status flows, document management, and integrations with external software systems, making it the perfect solution to help reach your business goals

Financial Products

The system supports all main financial concepts: Finance (Financial) Lease, Operating (Operational) Lease, Hire Purchase, Unsecured Loan, Chattel Mortgage, and Consumer Loan in the system.
Financial product configuration includes installment calculation controls, applicable VAT/ GST codes, accounting rules, etc. This feature enables basic system-wide settings, like possible installment frequencies (e.g., weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), pre-defined Terms, and Residual Value Matrix.

Business Workflows

Automate and facilitate your financing business process by empowering workflow management capabilities. E.g., credit assessment workflow, customer service workflows, and any other scenarios with multiple teams and officers involved. Use Workflows for all approval scenarios (when an authorized officer has to approve the action) and for scenarios where the 4-eyes principal is required.

Status Flow

Configure different statuses for a lease (e.g., new application, submitted application, approved, declined, contract signed, activated, suspended, expired, etc.). You can define the status flow rules. This feature also allows you to analyze the historical process flow. The same feature allows you to track the status of assets (e.g., in stock, leased, repossessed) or the status of dealers/ suppliers (e.g., potential, under appraisal, authorized, on watch list, etc.).


Never forget about expiring contracts, missed late payments, or other vital information with reminder messages sent to your inbox or delivered while working in the SOFT4Leasing system.

Document Management

This feature provides for document creation, storage, and distribution functions throughout the lease process. It enables you to configure document templates and map to data in the system (e.g., automate the Lease Contract form with data fields filled in). You can upload signed contracts and supporting documents to the system without needing external software; set inbound/ outbound document workflows.

Integration with leading e-signature providers DocuSign and OneSpan available out of the box. Integration with other local e-signature providers is also possible.
SOFT4Leasing also integrates into external Document Management systems, if you use one.

Integrations to the 3rd Parties

We’re capable to integrate SOFT4Leasing with any external software systems you might already be using: from your website, CRM system (we’ve worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Salesforce and others) or lead generation system (HubSpot, Mailchimp and others), to complex product configuration tools, other front-office systems, manufacturer catalogues (we have experience with Jato and Glass) to credit agencies (we’ve integrated to Equifax, Dokobit and others), various banks, external and internal credit scoring systems, document management systems, accounting software (SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (F&O), Xero, 1Tech, MYOB, and multiple others).

Flexibility to Adjust

Every leasing and asset finance company is unique at some point. Therefore, on average, we do 20% to 30% of custom development in every project – either to meet some specific requirements or assure the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

You can also have wide possibilities to adjust the SOFT4Leasing system to your needs – adjusting your Role Centre window, hiding the unnecessary fields and columns, creating your own shortcuts to the most often used information, creating filtered views for your important lists, so you could access those later, create document templates, fast and easy.

One solution for all your leasing needs

From the Quote to Contract Termination. Lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting – all in one place.

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