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  • What financial (leasing) products does Soft4Leasing support?

    Soft4Leasing supports:
    • Finance (financial or capital) lease
    • Operating (operational) lease
    • Hire purchase
    • Chattel mortgage
    Soft4Leasing provides benefits to any asset-based finance and leasing company, including automotive lease, equipment lease, real estate lease and others.

  • Which countries do you implement the software and support in?

    Thanks to our partner network, we implement and support Soft4Leasing globally. If we do not have a partner in your country, we will find one – worldwide, there are more than 3500 partners for Microsoft Dynamics (the platform our solution is built on), so we will definitely find one in your country, too. See SOFT4 Partner list to find one in your country.

  • Is Soft4Leasing integrated with accounting and finance management? If so, how do you assure compliance with local accounting rules?

    Yes, Soft4Leasing is integrated software, embracing lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting in one easy-to-use system. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the platform on which the Soft4Leasing solution is built, Soft4Leasing is seamlessly combined with the accounting system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finance Management module, as well as the entire system, is localized for almost every country in the world, therefore you can also use Soft4Leasing in any country.

  • I already have accounting software. Can you integrate Soft4Leasing with the accounting and finance management software I already use?

    Well, yes, we could integrate Soft4Leasing with the accounting software you already use, because our software is flexible and uses web services for data integration. But we will not do that just for you . Why? Because most of our customers suffered from data inconsistency, using multiple software systems and for that reason they switched to Soft4Leasing – an integrated software package. Having multiple software pieces also means extra training for your new people, increased support costs, and increased time for leasing operations. We do use integrations though – if you belong to some bigger Financial Group and need to report to the Group Management or exchange financial data with the Mother Company’s Finance Management software. Still, this is a different case…

  • I have a well-developed front-end system. Can you integrate Soft4Leasing with it to cover just the back-end operations?

    Even though Soft4Leasing covers front-office to back-office operations, yes, we can integrate Soft4Leasing to your front-end system, if this is where your competitive advantage comes from.

  • Is Soft4Leasing an out-of-the box leasing software, or can you modify it to meet our specific needs?

    From dozens of leasing projects that we have completed with our partners, we can see that each leasing company is somewhat different. After all, the way you do business is your biggest competitive advantage. Therefore, we can adjust Soft4Leasing easily to your business processes. While smaller asset-based finance companies can use the software as it is, there are powerful configuration possibilities in the system, so no additional major programming is needed.

  • Is Soft4Leasing available only as an on-premises solution? Do you also offer a cloud-based leasing software on a subscription basis?

    Soft4Leasing is available both on-premises and in the cloud, used with a purchased-in-advance license or subscription based. If you choose the subscription model, you pay a monthly fee for the Soft4Leasing licenses. You can use either Windows client or Web client independently of whether you choose Soft4Leasing asset-based finance software as an on-premises or cloud-based solution.

  • If I choose a cloud option, where will my Soft4Leasing software be hosted?

    Your asset-based finance solution will be hosted either on the cloud infrastructure of one of the certified Microsoft cloud infrastructure service providers near you, or on Microsoft Azure.

  • Is there a broker/dealer portal provided along with Soft4Leasing?

    Yes, you can use a broker/dealer portal together with Soft4Leasing software, thus shortening the time needed for application approvals. Some of our customers saved up to one hour per lease application when their dealers started using Soft4Leasing broker portal!

  • How is Soft4Leasing priced?

    Soft4Leasing is priced according to a couple of criteria, providing benefits for both smaller and larger leasing companies worldwide:
    • Per number of system users
    • Based on the functional modules needed, with core functionality required by all leasing companies included in the Basic Pack. For example, not every leasing company needs Credit Line or Subventions – with this model you pay only for the functions you need and use now, keeping the opportunity to grow your business and add other functional modules later, once you need them. Request more details on the pricing at

  • What are the system and technical requirements to access Soft4Leasing?

    If you use the cloud-based solution, you do not need to think about any technical requirements.

    If you prefer software on your premises, then the requirements are as follows:

    MS SQL Server

    The recommended system requirements for the SQL Server:
    CPU: Sixcore 2.0 Ghz CPU or better
    RAM: 16 GB or more (recommended is 15-20% of database size plus OS requirements)
    Storage (SAS and/or SATA SSD) C: for OS, SQL Server installation and for TempDb storage. 70 Gb or more in RAID 1 configuration.

    Database storage can be configured in two ways: SAS HDD configuration: D: for database files. 70 Gb - RAID 10 (4 HDD) E: for SQL log files. 70 Gb - RAID 1 (2 HDD) or SSD configuration: D: for database files and logs. 110 Gb - RAID 10 (4 SSD) Note: In case of SSD configuration logical disk C can be deployed on the same 4 SSDs (for example 4x Intel DC S3610) RAID 10 storage as well to reduce system cost.

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Service pack 1 x64 Svr or Windows Server 2012 Standard or Essentials x64 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Essentials x64
    SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup, Standard, Data Center, or Enterprise (64-bit editions only) or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard, or Enterprise (64-bit editions only) or Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard or Enterprise

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

    The recommended system requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server:
    CPU: QuadCore 2.66 Ghz CPU or better
    RAM: 12-16 Gb 2 HDD 80 Gb RAID 1
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Service pack 1 x64 Srv or Windows Server 2012 Standard or Essentials x64 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Essentials x64

    Please e-mail as at for detailed infrastructure requirements.

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