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If you work for a leasing company similar to those of our customers, you probably have way too much work to do and not nearly enough time to do it.  

Asset-based finance companies involved in operating and finance lease, hire purchase or chattel mortgage, want to attain certain business goals and a certain ROI, and a new leasing software system might help in doing that.

So, what are you really looking for – treatment for your business headaches or software?
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6 myths about Leasing Software:
Choosing the right leasing software is a lengthy business.

Well, you are here now, so this is a good start :). When we talk about software, there is never a 100% fit. We say that if a leasing system meets 70-80% of your business requirements and is flexible enough to be developed, go for it.

Leasing Software is expensive.

If you feel you do not receive enough value for money paid, that is when you think the software is too expensive. So you should always look to justify your investments with the results achieved. Life is changing – now you can find options for Software as a Service where you pay monthly. You can search for modular software – then you can add functional modules once you grow, instead of investing too much upfront. E-mail us to learn about Soft4Leasing pricing.

It never pays-off!

Have you ever tried to calculate how much more you could do with the employee who is now involved in manual routines; how much you could save by shortening time-to-documentation and time-to-decision or improving time-to-profitability? Read here what ROI you can expect from leasing technologies.

It is hard to find a reliable supplier – they all talk well.

That’s why you should not trust your supplier; trust what their customers say…On time, within budget, easy to develop, great support – that’s what you should be looking for. Read what our customers got to say.

Asset-finance software implementations take forever…

That depends. It might take just a month to implement complex asset-finance software in a smaller company with clear (or no) business processes. Of course, it might take 12 to 18 months to implement leasing software in large leasing companies with many users and a number of business processes. Everything can be managed faster if the right project methodology is used and a well-structured software solution is chosen.

It’s a never-ending story – I need to invest more and more.

We assume you are eager to grow your business. So your business needs and priorities change constantly. Why would you want your finance software to be stagnant and not to evolve once your business grows? We don’t think it’s a never-ending story. You simply finish a certain period and start a new one… That’s called progress :).

Learn how to get maximum ROI from your Leasing Software
What other Leasing Companies say:

Our Cambodian sales finance company - Toyota Tsusho Finance (Cambodia) PLC (TTFC ) - selected “Soft4Leasing” as their new core leasing system for moving their business forward faster. Soft4Leasing reached to go-live with the powerful support from both Soft4 and blue technology – local Soft4 partner in Cambodia. Around 4 months after go-live, TTFC are using their new system without no significant issues.
The system is very stable and reliable. Also, TTFC team could start working with new system easily because of Sof4Leasing usability and rich functionality.
We are looking forward to grow the business and get the success with the new system and the partnership with Soft4 and Blue Technology.

Kentaro Suzuki, Project Manager of Automotive Business Innovation Department at TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION HQ, Japan

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