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6 common mistakes made by leasing business managers

When the Finnish giant, the world renowned company NOKIA collapsed, there were a lot of questions. How can a top company go downhill so suddenly? The answer is simple: inability to adapt to the changing market. Why do big companies fail and what are common mistakes that leasing business managers do?

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What‘s new in Dynamics NAV 2018/ Dynamics Business Central for Leasing companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 will be renamed Dynamics Business Central in fall 2018. Dynamics Business Central is available both on cloud and on customer premises. What new NAV 2018 capabilities will be useful for leasing companies?

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New US Tax reform: impact on equipment and automotive leasing companies

The new tax reform changes the way US-based companies are doing their business in 2018. Now, with the tax being cut, companies have more disposable money to run their business: how will it influence leasing industry exactly?

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The most influential factors for millennials when choosing a car

You can improve your business in many forms – upgrade your services, your marketing efforts, or the product distribution network, etc. How about improving customer knowledge? To do so, I have run a survey that aims to find out what the leasing and vehicle purchasing habits our millennials have.

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