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The most influential factors for millennials when choosing a car

You can improve your business in many forms – upgrade your services, your marketing efforts, or the product distribution network, etc. How about improving customer knowledge? To do so, I have run a survey that aims to find out what the leasing and vehicle purchasing habits our millennials have.

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What helps leasing companies run their business more efficiently?

Better, faster, stronger? How to be out in front of other leasing businesses? We distinguished four features that have helped our clients to run their leasing business more efficiently.

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CEO, where does your time go?

Do you ever feel that you can not control your time? Time management is essential for a business's work efficiency .

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New release: SOFT4LEASING SL55

Introducing the newest features and advanced functionality released with the latest Soft4Leasing version SL55 on June 23, 2017.

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