Equipment Leasing software

Manage your equipment leasing operations throughout your company, from the front office to the back office. Suitable for all types of equipment.

What is our equipment leasing software suitable for?

Knowing that “equipment leasing” could mean heavy construction machinery rental, office machinery and equipment rental, mining, oil and gas, and forestry machinery and equipment rental, commercial air, rail, and water transportation equipment rental, and others, software providers will need either to specialize for their software to meet the customer’s needs or develop an extremely flexible system to be configured to fit any scenario. SOFT4 specializes in servicing leasing companies working in office machinery and equipment, and heavy construction machinery fields, with some customers being in the commercial rail transportation equipment leasing business. SOFT4Leasing is a software trusted by Ricoh, Komatsu, CAT dealers, and other equipment finance companies.

We see many equipment leasing companies struggling with either outdated or multiple stand-alone systems, covering various processes internally and externally. Historically, those systems were implemented in the company to cover a particular need. E.g., one system is being used for sales management and quote generation, another one – is for credit assessment, and another one – is for financial accounting, automation, or a stand-alone workflow system to cover some processes in between, and so on. Over time, those systems cannot “communicate” with each other and lose a lot of their functionality, so either there is too much manual work, or integrations are needed. This typically would require significant time and financial effort. Thus, data integrity and consistency become major headaches for asset management companies.

In addition to asset leasing companies working with legacy systems, we have observed that many companies lack the capacity for scalability. The need for asset finance companies to facilitate the growing number of lease contracts is increasing. This, in turn, asks for a streamlined software management solution capable of handling ever-increasing numbers of contracts. SOFT4Leasing’s equipment leasing management software offers a cloud-based solution that can handle a large number of contracts throughout the full product lifecycle.

How does SOFT4 fit into your equipment leasing business?

Flexibility in this fast-changing world is another factor that is extremely important for the company’s survival. Flexibility means being able to change and update contracts fast, bring new financial products to the market, integrate with various external sources, and adjust to changing customers’ needs and situations in the lenders’ market… Because SOFT4Leasing is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform and installed in a cloud, our customers have the flexibility of exchanging data with any external sources and also of using one system to cover the entire lease process, from generating sales quotes to approving applications to managing the contracts, assets, suppliers, and other important information.

Any other systems already in use – be it CRM, website, credit assessment, financial accounting, and others – can be integrated into SOFT4Leasing, as long as the contract management and lease accounting (back-office) happens in SOFT4Leasing. However, it is a very convenient software solution to manage the entire lease process – from lease origination, lease accounting, invoicing, amortization calculation, and lease management to financial accounting in one easy-to-use, constantly developed SOFT4Leasing system.

As a leasing software provider, we’re poised to support the equipment leasing sector’s dynamic growth, driven by emerging markets and evolving industry demands. The anticipated explosion in climate-focused equipment investment presents a significant opportunity for leasing professionals to become leaders in sustainable equipment management. The life sciences sector, particularly diagnostic lab equipment, is seeing increased demand due to its critical role post-Covid and the emergence of secondary markets fueled by new regulatory requirements. Additionally, the push towards domestic pharmaceutical production and the nearshoring trend, with companies moving manufacturing closer to North American markets, are creating new avenues for growth. Our software solutions are designed to enable leasing companies to navigate these opportunities efficiently, offering advanced risk assessment, compliance tools, and support for expanding vendor finance relationships amidst these industry shifts.

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