E-signing in leasing software – for a faster, cheaper and more customer-oriented way of doing business

Data: 2020.07.27

Author: Justina Rakauskienė


In the past few months, digital banking and other financial services have become crucial for many people and businesses. That is why signing financial agreements is “one of the top 10 processes to digitize: No. 1 is commercial and small business lending; No. 2 is consumer lending,” OneSpan declares.


How financial agreements are signed electronically using leasing software

eSignature is seamlessly integrated into the Soft4Leasing lease/loan origination workflow: You simply click “Send for e-signature” and once fully signed, it will promote the application to the next status, and you will find signed documents attached to the application in Soft4Leasing.


What’s happening behind the scenes during eSigning in leasing software?

The leasing software system will pick document templates (depending on multiple parameters), prepare contract documents as PDF files, map applicants to signatories, send the document envelope through the signing procedure, download and attach signed documents, and promote the deal to next status—for example, “ready to activate.”

So even complex processes using leasing software with eSignature integration can be done in a few clicks.


The main benefits of eSigning leasing documents

Soft4Leasing software works with two major eSignature service providers—DocuSign and OneSpan—so you can choose the one you prefer in your leasing management software. Taking this into further consideration, businesses can benefit from eSignature integration in Soft4Leasing in ways described below:

  • Customer experience improvement: no need to print-sign-scan-email the contracts; just e-sign.
  • Lease/loan origination acceleration. DocuSign states that up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes.
  • Strengthen compliance, since the leasing documentation process is more accurate when it is automated and paperless.
  • Eliminate manual tasks. Going paperless with this process automation helps not only to reduce costs and save time, but also to prevent human errors.

All around the world, consumers and businesses now rely more than ever on the ability to sign financial agreements and loan applications electronically as it benefits both sides.

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