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They say ”the only thing you can expect in business is unexpected circumstances”. We understand your daily leasing business challenges and want to help you overcome them. Here you can find the newest industry trends, useful tips and insights.
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Top leasing industry trends 2017

According to Darwin, „It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.“ Do you know what is changing in the leasing industry in 2017? US and European equipment and automotive leasing market research indicates new leasing industry trends, amongst which are predictions for growth in US equipment investment and the growing need for cyber security.

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Asset Finance Business KPI’s

Naturally, as a business leader you seek to generate more profit with fewer expenses. Of course, you consider the risk you are determined to take, and what, in principal, is the time period you expect for accumulating the return. Return on investment (ROI) is the main measure intended to provide guidelines for taking on business investments. It simply determines the financial success of various investments: whether it is an investment in new property, a marketing campaign or a leasing-management software system.

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All about your new ERP system implementation

Replacement of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or any other core business system can be very challenging. The process itself differs a great deal for new and mature businesses. New businesses can align themselves better to software standard capabilities, while mature organizations often require software to align with their own existing business process. Are you aware of the main areas you should pay attention to during the implementation of your next ERP software system?

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The most common myths about leasing software answered!

If you are considering getting yourself new software for your leasing business, you will probably encounter lots of questions along the way. Through our 14 years of experience in leasing, we have heard many questions about getting new leasing software. For example: “Does leasing software pay off?”, “How long does the implementation of asset finance software last?” and “Does modular software for leasing exist?”

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Defining business workflows for leasing process improvement

Defining business workflows can help you improve your leasing business. A typical workflow begins with a trigger event, which requires a complex response. Later it goes through steps such as initiate, decision, delegate, action, and feedback. In this white paper, you will find eight useful steps for workflow definition techniques, tips on how to deliver workflow tasks, and three indicators that measure your business process efficiency using workflows.

Download this white paper to learn how to build workflows for service-centric organizations

SMALL VERSUS LARGE: a different approach to your ERP system implementation project

When comparing business processes in small and large companies, you can find numerous differences. Small companies are usually multi-taskers, faster in reacting to change, flexible in their daily operations and low on bureaucracy. Meanwhile, large companies usually need more routines in order to manage their business efficiently; the areas of responsibility among departments are divided clearly, and it takes more time to pass information from one management level to another.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 shortcuts

If you work or are planning to start work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it would be advisable to learn how to navigate faster on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here are the latest Microsoft Dynamics shortcuts that will help you save time and improve work efficiency.

Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 shortcuts

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