Be Flexible Providing a Full-Service Lease

Having reliable and flexible software is crucial for companies to adapt to the changing market needs. With the Full-Service Lease module, businesses can manage their master contracts, services, and assets efficiently, enabling them to offer new leasing products to the market easily.

Full-Service Lease

The car leasing industry is moving from traditional asset-oriented, long-term loans and commitments towards flexible, subscription-oriented mobility solutions with full-service operating leases. That’s why it requires reliable and flexible software that enables CaaS (car-as-a-service) model, allows offering new leasing products to the market, and enables companies to adjust to the changing market needs flexibly.
Three significant functions are included in the Full-Service Lease module:
• Master Contract Management. Master contract has functions for a) credit limit approval, b) mass delivery of new assets in multiple phases, c) agreed service pricing and admin fees.
• Service Management. Includes service packages, pricing, fees, commission, APIs to the 3rd party servicers, budget control, and accounting for services.
• Asset Management. Includes residual values and history of an asset – cost, depreciation, maintenance expense, mileage, residual values, and sales process.

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