Accelerate Your Lease Application Process

Streamlined lease application and compliance management tools, from disbursement schedules to compliance checklists, to help you accelerate your lease application process.

Lease Application Management

Manage efficiently:
• Disbursement schedule - payment instructions to all suppliers, insurers and the originator involved in the application);
• Vetting Check - tool for verifying applicant references, like employment and credit references;
• Special approval conditions - for conditional approval of an application;
• Source of access - to keep track of how new customers approached the lessor (e.g. ad, web search, dealer recommendation, etc.).

Compliance Management

Facilitate a contract documentation check and verify data in the system, usually done by a back-office officer before lease activation. Functionality includes customizable Compliance Check Lists for the officer as well as automated data validation procedures.

One solution for all your leasing needs

From the Quote to Contract Termination. Lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting – all in one place.

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