Mobile apps. How can auto dealers and leasing companies benefit from them?

Data: 2017.04.12

  Author Agneta Venckute  


2017 leasing industry trends indicate that the growing popularity of mobile app usage will significantly affect the automotive industry’s business environment. Research conducted by SMS Global in 2016 showed that about 72% of car buyers tend to use one of their electronic devices when searching for the information needed prior to purchasing a car. As mobile phones are an undeniable necessity for every person’s day-to-day life, the opportunities to have more leasing deals signed lie exactly there.
Currently, the app industry offers a wide range of car-selling and related apps designed to meet customer needs. With the help of mobile apps, potential clients are able to compare prices, check out reviews, simplify the whole car purchasing/leasing process and obviously save plenty of time. Car dealers and lessors haven’t been forgotten either – there are apps designed especially for their business needs.
Using apps as a marketing tool would be a smart move for any profit-seeking automotive dealership or leasing company. Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities to do so: you may get featured in already existing apps, or even design your own app within hours. I have reviewed the most popular mobile apps designed to meet the needs of dealers and lessors.

Apps worth putting your name on (rated 3.5 and higher):

Every marketing manager and company director aims to become a local celebrity in the market and be recognized among the target audience. What better way is there to do that than to get your company’s name featured in a spot where your potential clients come? I have reviewed 3 apps designed for people searching for a new vehicle to purchase or lease.


This free app helps potential customers find new/used cars located nearby.
App features:

  • allows for researching car models, comparing different listings, and provides reviews;
  • provides dealership information, even directions and hours of operation;
  • allows visitors to immediately call or email dealers, private sellers and lessors right from the app to check availability or schedule a test drive.

2. Car Lease and Loan Calculator

This app is suitable for both dealers and buyers. The app contains all the main functions such as:

  • car lease/loan calculator;
  • provides users with monthly payments for car lease information;
  • comparison of buying and leasing options;
  • deals forwarding and saving for future review.

3. The Honcker

Even though these apps are designed for the customer’s benefit, the featured dealers and lessors can increase their chances to get more deals signed without much effort. As you can see, an immediate call-to-action is presented to potential buyers, so dealers and lessors, searching for more exposure and leads, should get their name featured on the listings and not miss this opportunity.

Apps for dealer and leasing company needs:


As a modern manager yourself, you are probably using your smart phone daily. Did you know that you can facilitate your whole car selling management process and improve your business results by using some useful apps? These apps may come in handy for all car dealers:

1. Caarnivore

One of the apps designed for car dealerships. By using this app, dealers and lessors can boost their sales, customer retention and rationalize service booking.

  • management of test drives and service bookings, inventory, repair estimates;
  • push notifications;
  • email notifications

2. Mobile dealer

Another great tool which can facilitate any car dealer’s everyday management process. The app offers great communication between a dealer and a buyer.

  • direct and personalized messaging to users;
  • send messages to groups (example: owners of a certain make or model;
  • analytics tool (if you want to find out how many people read your messages).

3. Auto Dealrz

This app aims to make it easier for auto dealers to connect with their clients.
The app contains services such as:

  •  promotion of special offers and deals;
  •  sending alerts and messages for safety recalls to selected users only;
  •  user search for a dealer’s inventory of vehicles based on location, price, model;
  • demo booking

How to go about creating your own app?

If the options mentioned above are still not bringing you the results you are trying to achieve, you can consider creating your own app for your dealership. Some app-making companies promise to design you an app within minutes.
Keeping up with the latest trends is a must in every business, as being a late adopter may often end in losing your clientele to competitors. Mobile app usage is increasing daily, and getting featured (as a listed option in the useful apps or at least in advertising there), or launching your own app, may greatly boost lead generation.