New release: SOFT4LEASING SL56

Data: 2018.06.08

The following features and functionalities introduced with the Soft4Leasing version SL56 (released 2018 June):

  • A new functional module added to support factoring business (module S4L.FACT). Recourse and Non-Recourse Factoring types are supported. Additionally, loans for business customers are supported. Factoring process is mapped to G/L accounts, multiple functions for G/L posting automation exist: on factoring invoice acceptance, on interest and commissions invoicing, on funds disbursement. You can get G/L trail balance per factoring agreement.
  • Improved audit trail on lease master data. Active contracts can be rescheduled, new guarantees added, Asset and Contract insurance policies renewed. The new module tracks all Contract related data modifications immediately once the Contract status is switched to Active. Users can review audit trail and print a document, if needed.
  • Added Asset Insurance Policies. Now insurance policies can be attached for every single Asset in Leasing Contract. Visible both on Asset and Fixed Asset cards. This information can be captured: Policy No., Insurer, Effective Date, Term in months, Expiry Date, Insured Amount, Yearly premium amount.
  • Document management module is enriched with Drag&Drop function. The function allows to import and attach various files to the leasing application by simply dragging the file to the document bin. Several documents can be uploaded to the document bin within one drag&drop action.
  • New internal function to calculate Contract’s annual percentage rate (APR) which produces the same result as Excel’s function XIRR. It is required in some countries to include this figure on Quote and Application printouts.
  • Major improvements to better support Financial Product Type of Loan. Card pages have been simplified for loan agreements. You can select to deduct Application fee on the Loan disbursement, if required. Available options for loans disbursement are customer or a third party.
  • Pre-configured Excel reports for Business Manager and Accountant Role (NAV 2018 feature). The Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers have a new option in the ribbon for Excel Templates. From the Excel Templates list, users can choose a pre-configured report ready to print from Excel.
  • User Tasks (NAV 2018 feature). The new User Tasks allow you to create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organization.


What’s coming with the Soft4Leasing version SL57 (Planned release date 2019 1Q):

  • Data migration tools: data templates and reconcile function. General master data templates to be used as a start point for data migration. Data templates will be shared with partners in order to present the origin data structure for leasing migration. Reconcile function will be used to reconcile the balances of accounts after data migration.
  • New reports that will be directed to support business insights.
  • New module Lease Options will broaden the functionality of contracts termination/expiration.