SOFT4 Leasing loan management software – all you need to know

Data: 2021.05.04

Management of leases, loans and of similar financial operations definitely has its set of challenges. Ranging from being able to make the most of generated leads, all the way to time-consuming data and legal document management with existing, active contracts, loans provide all sorts of administrative burdens. They are very demanding of your staff and making them do tasks which don’t add value and just eat up their productive hours. However, there’s a solution that helps increase the efficiency of your service twice or even tri-fold. SOFT4Leasing – the loan management software based on the user-friendly and internationally renowned Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here’s all you need to know about!

What is SOFT4Leasing?

It’s best to describe SOFT4Leasing as a Microsoft Dynamics-based, flexible lease/loan management software which is adaptable to your business needs and can take care of your lease accounting and lease management needs. This software has been and is used by multiple businesses around the world like Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Iveco Capital, Holland Automotive Group, and many more.

SOFT4Leasing is not only flexible, it’s also user-friendly. Since loan origination is a highly demanding task, it’s great to have dedicated software, tailored to your needs, helping smooth and speed things up for your accounting and administrative staff. SOFT4Leasing has a familiar look and feel to Microsoft Office apps. So, if you choose to begin using this software, the transition is going to be smooth and simple.

What features does it have?

SOFT4Leasing is a feature-rich program with a lot of intuitive functionalities. This loan/lease management software can simplify the management process for leasing from A to Z. Let’s look at the main features and their benefits

  • Origination, application & applicant management – the initial processes of lease contract arrangements have their fair share of challenges. SOFT4Leasing has numerous functions and features that help simplify lease origination. You can generate quotes, make preliminary calculations, activate contracts and make notes on clients. In terms of applications, users have access to preparing schedules, vetting checks and tracking applicants. And with regards to the latter, SOFT4Leasing allows to enter in co-applicants and thorough customization of status, etc.
  • Asset management – a purpose-built module especially for leased asset management. You can assign unique ID’s, tag assets and mark their features, etc. This helps simplify contract management altogether.
  • Automated credit scores & Decision tree making – can make credit score evaluation completely automatic. SOFT4Leasing uses a scorecard tree that is easily configurable. Make credit scores dependent on attributes of your choice for maximum accuracy. Finance working capital or other types of loans with better risk management. Decision trees simplify credit score evaluation and help your business find the best decision quicker. It’s used for automated credit evaluations and auto-approvals or auto-declines.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can do a lot with SOFT4Leasing. Choosing it as your primary tool for loan management will definitely help your business streamline and increase the efficiency of all related loan and leasing management processes.

How can I implement it into my own business?

In terms of implementing new loan management software, the main thing to note is that the developers will organize training for your staff to get a grip on the new software. After you decided to purchase a license for SOFT4Leasing, the implementation and training process can begin. We will cover everything there is from A to Z and will guide your staff towards better and more efficient lease-related process management and automation. After the training is complete, you will have a fully ready team and tool, ready to improve efficiency of your business!

Can I test it out?

With the live demo, overview videos and the free trial – there are a lot of different ways that you can test out and see how this program works. You can see how your business can save as much as 100’s of hours by just writing to SOFT4Leasing team and asking for a live demo, a guided demo, free videos or even a free trial.

All of these options will allow you to see how this app works and how you can implement it. The live demo offers a lot of value. Besides the obvious overview of the features, you can see a specialist showing you the use of features which are the most interesting for you and answering your questions live. After the demo you can be sure that the tool will be able to take care of loan origination, termination and everything in between with excellent results!

What do other people say about SOFT4Leasing?

Case studies have shown that a business when using SOFT4Leasing, can save thousands of dollars each month and six-figure sums over a 12-month period just by choosing to implement this tool for leasing-related process automation. But this all-encompassing leasing management software won’t just be able to cut time and money expenditures. It can also reduce the workload for your staff, making their workload less difficult and boosting efficiency.

On SOFT4Leasing’s site, you can see the extensive list of clients who trust this particular software for lease management and read the extensive case studies for a better understanding of how companies can do better after getting SOFT4Leasing.


So, we pretty much covered every preliminary aspect of why SOFT4Leasing software is worth your time. With tremendous functionality, global recognition from satisfied clients all over the globe, a user-friendly interface, and a plethora of tools to help you get started, it very well seems that this is the cream of the crop when it comes to this type of software.