SOFT4Leasing solution for lessor accounting

Data: 2021.02.24

It is time and energy consuming to manage the leasing process smoothly as it requires many technical tasks. It doesn‘t matter if you are just starting your leasing business with a small number of leases or if you have been working in the financial sector for decades running thousands of contracts. Both scenarios need software to ease their technical and routine tasks. But talking about new leasing companies or even smaller ones, the main reason that stops them from acquiring a leasing management solution is its complexity and of course, the cost.

In response to businesses that need just essential leasing management functions, we present our SOFT4Leasing Basic app. This ready-to-use software package is for any company with a small-to-medium lease volume (up to 10,000 leases). And for those which require only back-office operations: contract management together with comprehensive accounting in compliance with US GAAP ASC842, or IASB IFRS16, or equivalent local GAAP.

The SOFT4Leasing Basic software package supports main financing models such as operating leases, finance leases, hire purchase, and chattel mortgages under any local GAAP (including IFRS 16 or IAS 17). It is perfect for car dealers and real estate developers with installment sales, as well as equipment manufacturers and distributors who offer financing to their customers as an alternative. The package is also for finance brokers who aim to start a lending business, and  non-financial institutions where leasing and asset financing is one of the business lines, but not the main business.

This solution lets you efficiently manage contract activation, billing, collections, contract variations, contract expiration or termination and general ledger accounting in one place. It is also ready for any essential API interfaces for quick and simple data management.

With SOFT4Leasing Basic, you will be able to start managing your leases quickly. with the ability to scale it later, to conform to changing business needs. Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade to the leading SOFT4Leasing Advanced or Premium edition when your business outgrows its Basic needs.


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