Soft4Leasing upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem!

Data: 2019.04.12



Authors: Agneta Venckute, Egidijus Neniskis

October 1st, 2018 marked an important date for the Microsoft Dynamics community and users. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was ceased and Dynamics 365 Business Central (more commonly known as D365 BC“) was introduced. Following this important change, Soft4Leasing was upgraded on Business Central On-Prem on April 1st, 2019.

What is new in Soft4Leasing for the users?

  • Financial Products were extended with 2 new rules: Down-payment Payment Control Rule and Upfront Fees Payment Control Rule. Now users can setup system to check if Down-payment or Upfront Fees are paid by the Customer before activation and restrict the Contract activation if payment is not received yet. Another option allows users to set up the system to update Direct Debit schedule to collect Down-payment and Upfront fees on Contract activation if Direct Debit Payment method is selected for a new Contract. Users can disable these rules if there is no need for them.
  • Disbursement Schedule functionality has been updated to manage Unsecured Loans disbursement to Customer or Third Parties.
  • Contact Person functionality has been transferred to S4L.CONT module. This way, Customer can use it even when only Starter Pack has been purchased.
  • The program allows users to define what type of instalment schedule (Annuity or Linear) should be used for calculations when selecting a new program.
  • Improved Search function: which allows users to navigate through the system and find what they need easier. The Search for Page or Report field has been replaced with Search field. With this function, Soft4Leasing users will find, not only queries such as reports but actions and product documentation as well.
  • Intelligent edge for Dynamics NAV (for those, who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their ERP software)– enables you to connect your on-premises NAV solution to the intelligent cloud through Dynamics 365 Business Central and gain access to Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, machine learning, and more.
  • Asset Variation (modify, remove, insert new Assets on active contract) functionality has been improved to maintain Asset variation history. Now users can review in detail what exactly was amended on Asset in every Asset variation version.
  • New features added to Factoring module: a) Multiple Debtors on a single Factoring Agreement. There is a possibility to add new, suspend or block existing specific Debtors in the Agreement, b) Batch process to update Status for multiple new Factoring invoices. This feature is handy for a bigger daily data volume.
  • A number of minor bug fixes are included in this release and therefore you get even more stable product.

What‘s coming?


  • Dealer Portal

Totally new, feature-rich, “Dealer Portal” will be implemented as a standalone web portal.

  • Web client (modern client) only

The Windows client will not be available after the Autumn 2019 release. In the new release, we will offer Web client (modern client) only.

  • More frequent updates

Following Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrades, from now on, Soft4Leasing will be updated at least twice a year.

  • Novated lease financial product

The new functionality will allow you to manage your employees’ lease obligations (novated lease) easier.

  • Data migration tools: data templates and reconcile function

General master data templates to be used as a start point for data migration. Data templates will be shared with partners to present the original data structure for leasing migration. Reconcile function will be used to reconcile the balances of accounts after data migration.

  • New reports that will be directed to support business insights.