Support your business with a car leasing software

Data: 2020.12.17

Your automotive leasing business could grow limitlessly if you choose right solution for managing it. All-in-one car leasing software is the one when we are talking about serving specific business’ needs and helping it get through the growth challenges. Leasing system is built on Microsoft dynamics NAV platform, so could be easily integrated with any other software, ensures business continuity with a solution that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams, and provides a rich functionality for everyday needs.

Car leasing software gives you featured tools for risk monitoring, decreases the amount of administrative work by automating main processes, and provides pipeline, portfolio, and other types of reports. All in one place.

Auto leasing software: rich functionality and customer related tools

Clients’ satisfaction is one of the most important factors that make your automobile leasing company succeed. It takes much time and effort to give your clients best service and make sure they will choose you next time, but with car leasing software it gets easier, because of the centralized data system and automated solutions.

“Soft4Leasing” helps to improve customer service and become as much flexible as you can. With it you will not only have a complete customer profile in one place but will be able to respond to your customer needs by creating customer-tailored agreements for each client. In addition to this, software will let you mark customer’s preferences and enable a personal approach with integrated CRM tools.

Also, car leasing software will let to manage credit decisioning process much more efficiently. That means it will be fully automated: when new application is submitted, system runs Decision Tree logic, which gives one of three results: auto-approved, auto-declined, referred to credit officer. That saves employees’ work hours and satisfies an automobile leasing company’s client: he receives answer quickly and does not have to worry about it for a long time.

Grow your automobile leasing company by using intuitive features

Auto leasing software helps companies to run their leasing business smoothly with its intuitive features. Managing the entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting on the system, you can increase efficiency of a company three times and more.

Doing calculations, creating applications, preparing instalment schedules, working with lots of lease contracts, keeping track of contract balances and terms… This is just a small part of tasks daily handled by a specific employee in an automobile leasing company. “Soft4Leasing” car leasing software could efficiently decrease the amount of such administrative work by saving money and human resources. It lets you create service orders related to leased asset, order services and items from 3rd party suppliers, keep track of actual service cost and price, sent invoices to customers, review and schedule orders in one place. Also, with auto leasing software at the same time you can work with several functionalities related to the lease/loan origination process and manage all lease applications: prepare disbursement schedules, vetting checks, use special approval conditions etc.

It is important that car leasing software grows together with your business. You do not have to search for any new solutions, because this one is already enough. Leasing system could be changed, expanded, and adapted to the specific needs of a company. It is an easily tailored and extendable solution.

Leasing system provides insights about your business

In order to grow and improve business, you need to know where its weaknesses hide. Leasing system provides tools that help you analyze leasing business results and processes to make better informed, educated decisions. Power BI user-friendly analytics tool finds insights in your business data, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and presents you with extensive reports and interactive charts.

Power BI application in the car leasing software will provide you with many different reports about: sales results to forecast business grow, effectively plan your teamwork, and set realistic and challenging targets; portfolio growth to observe financial assets trend and to forecast future portfolio; financial results for insights into business profitability, slicing revenue by product, brand, sales channel, and other dimensions; arrears’ situation to early observe an increase in delinquencies and trend of current arrears; operational KPIs charts to indicate the ratio of new applications to settled deals and see how fast the credit assessment process is; slicers of business lines and sales channels, many other business attributes.