What helps leasing companies run their business more efficiently?

Data: 2018.09.11

Author Simona Skorupskaite  


Our team values honest customer feedback on Soft4Leasing software. This shows us the best directions for further system improvement. On the other hand, there are several functions that fit customer needs just perfectly. Let me present the top key features of Soft4Leasing that have helped our clients run their business more efficiently.

Individual Teams & Tasks

Suppose you receive a proposal to work with a new supplier and so you decide to complete the accreditation for this new supplier. How do you handle the process? Are you aware that tasks are falling through cracks between people? Remember that loss of control might occur not only for randomly generated work, but also for routine tasks like a customer credit check. With Soft4Leasing, you can determine the structure of your human resources throughout the company, and distribute various tasks among the teams. In our experience, the handling of similar cases varies among each asset finance company. In Soft4Leasing, tasks and their sequences (i.e. workflows) together with team assignments are therefore predefined per individual company, allowing you to develop a well-adjusted business.

Flexibility for Document Templates

Documentation and paper work form one of the most important, but on the other hand most time-consuming, steps in asset financing during the lifetime of a contract. The automatic generation of documents from various document templates relieves the stress created during the procedure of issuing documentation. Yet, the thought of changing the templates themselves might start to stress you. Does the leasing software allow for this? If so, do I need to hire any resources to implement the change? The answer is clear: Soft4Leasing allows templates to be edited by the platform end users. In addition, the modifications do not require any additional software – just complete the adjustments in the primary format of a document, whether it is Pdf or MS Word. We also provide a list of data values that can be extracted from the platform and mapped to your templates.

Software Access via Multiple Channels

Whether your business conducts site visits or provides system access for brokers, Soft4Leasing is responsive to various channels: mobiles, tablets or cloud access, in addition to desktop login. Furthermore, Soft4Leasing is available with limited user access, which we recommend for use by brokers or any other third parties relevant to finance delivery.

Automated Collection Management

There are many reasons for a payment being missed or delayed: from vacation time, short memory or a deliberate decision not to make a payment. The fact is that all overdues impact the health of the business portfolio and you must keep your business running regardless of the arrears. Over time, we have developed an opinion that leasing companies should consider and react quickly to missing payments. To do this, Soft4Leasing offers a worksheet for handling overdue customers allowing all attempts to contact the customers and arrange new payments to be logged. Moreover, leasing software automates the generation of different levels of collection letters, depending on the amount of the arrears and the overdue period.

All in all, after putting all the top-rated features together, I came up with the conclusion that the power of the software is delivered though flexibility, automation and acceleration.