What‘s new in Dynamics NAV 2018/ Dynamics Business Central for Leasing companies

Data: 2018.04.10

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 will be renamed Dynamics Business Central in fall 2018. Dynamics Business Central is available both on cloud and on customer premises.

What new NAV 2018 capabilities will be useful for leasing companies?

  • User tasks

The new User Tasks functionality allows you to create tasks to remind you of work that still has to be done. It is possible to create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to other users. Of course, you can also be assigned a task by someone else in your organization. This can be useful in creating lease contracts or invoice validation processes.

  • Embedded Power BI

The new Power BI control has been introduced to NAV 2018. With it you can make your Power BI reports visible inside the most highly used lists in Dynamics NAV. This concerns not only status reports but can also be interactive and filtered by selecting records in the associated list page.

  • Reporting

A Web Client report preview is available, so now you don’t need to download a pdf to your computer to be able to see what’s in the report. The new control shows the report to the right on the screen in your browser and includes a toolbar with features such as zooming or downloading to file.

Also some reports now have predefined MS Excel templates (for example, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow and more). When you choose a statement, it will open in Excel or Excel Online. An add-in connects the data to the Financials.

  • User experience: Role Centers and Personalization

Users are now allowed to personalize their workspaces directly in the browser while using NAV Web Client. Changes are saved immediately and are seen only by these users; they will even have to sign in again from another device or browser. It is possible to:

  • Move, hide or unhide fields and columns
  • Freeze columns in list pages to keep them visible while scrolling
  • Move or hide Cues
  • Move or hide parts (FactBoxes, Role Center parts)
  • Reset to default view

There’s no need to restart Web Client after changing the Role Center.

  • Keyboard Experience

Select records using Ctrl +A. Use Up, Down and other arrow keys for navigation.
Would like to see how these improvements could help you achieve your business goals? We’d be delighted to show how easy can your finances and operations be managed by the duo of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Soft4Leasing.